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We provide Heating Solutions for Virtually Everything: 

Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Lodges, Cabins, Outbuildings, Greenhouses,
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Domestic Hot Water, Dry Hay & Grain and much more.

Rated by Many as “Simply the Best” 

Portage and Main was established in 1973 and is proudly manufactured in Manitoba Canada.
All materials used in the assembly of Portage and Main products have been proven as the
most reliable in the industry for Quality and Longevity.
NO STAINLESS STEEL major components, stainless steel has a long track record of premature
failure in an outdoor wood boiler environment. Had it proven to be reliable Portage and Main
would have introduced it into their products long before anyone else.
All Portage and Main Boilers are made from Boiler Plate and all critical seams are Double
Welded, promoting boiler longevity and reducing the risk of leaks caused by weld failures.

Portage and Main is constantly researching and developing new products, keep in touch for
new releases

Choose your Outdoor Wood Boiler / Water Furnace:

Wood Gasification Boiler (EGR Optimizer Series) – Gasification Series meets current BC
Ministry of Environment CSA and EPA requirements = emission levels are 90% cleaner than
many unqualified products.

Enviro-Chip Burner –  Burns Pellet or Wood Chips for Commercial and Residential applications
meets current BC Ministry of Environment CSA and EPA  requirements = emission levels are
90% cleaner than many unqualified products. Generally used for larger commercial installations,
available in 2 sizes.

There is so much more to a Portage and Main Outdoor Boiler/ Water Furnace!

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Hi are there any dealers for Michigan?
I am interested in heating a 3000 sq ft home and a additional work shop space with fan units.....

Due to the unusual weather in BC this year, floods and forest fires, many people have either not had a chance to get their own wood or have noticed a substantial jump in the purchase price of cord wood.
On that note you may want to consider purchasing a Portage and Main Outdoor Pellet Boiler and here are the reasons why.
We have pellet boilers for virtually every application capable of heating from under 3,000 to 20,000 + square feet. These low maintenance boilers can run for weeks or even months requiring less than 5 minutes a week of user involvement for only a simple cleaning.
For years we have heard customers ask for a boiler that they didn't need to attend to once or twice a day. Well your desires have been fulfilled. Go away for a weekend, weeks or months all depends on the size of your pellet storage bin. Adding to this, if you are worried about pellet prices, we have secured with a large pellet distributor locked in pricing for 5 years for all our Portage and Main customers residing in BC.
You will save a bundle on your heating costs, have the freedom to travel and best of all no cutting, splitting and stacking wood.
Contact us for more details!

2 days left at the I.P.E. in Armstrong. Great turn out. Come see us and check out some of our new products. Smoke in the air is all gone. Thank goodness. ...

Just a kindly reminder; we are setting up for the I.P.E. in Armstrong today it starts Wed until Sunday. So if you send a message and don't get an immediate response you will know why. We will periodically check the fb page. Thank you for your patience. ...